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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Organic Vitamin C for Oral Consumption

We recommend taking this vitamin daily in addition to your weekly gluta jabs to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of skin whitening of gluta. This product is also good for those who are afraid of needles. Benefits from this products are mainly:
1. glowing skin
2. helps to treat pimples and scars
3. refine pores
4. brighten skins
5. increase immunity
6. protect against common flu and cough
7. fight against free radicals and anti-oxidant
8. helps in hair growth
9. moisturised skin

Well, that are few of its benefits which we eagerly wants. There are lots other benefits of vitamin C as you know or can google up from the internet. The dosage that we carry and it's price are as below:

        DOSAGE                           PACKING                       PRICE
A. Vitamin C 500 mg                             10 tabs                              RM15.00
                                                                   30 tabs                              RM35.00
                                                                   60 tabs                              RM60.00
B. Vitamin C 1000mg                            10 tabs                              RM25.00
                                                                   30 tabs                              RM55.00
                                                                   60 tabs                           RM105.00
C. Vitamin C Plus                                    10 tabs                              RM35.00
    (with glutathione & grapeseed)     30 tabs                           RM95.00
                                                                   60 tabs                           RM180.00

How to take? Orally twice a day for Vitamin C 500mg & C Plus. One before breakfast and one before bedtime. While for Vitamin C 1000mg, u can take it once a day before bedtime.

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