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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pricelist : Placenta & Stem Cell (Updated)



DESCRIPTION                                                                PRICE

Lucchini (Switzerland) 2ml x 50's                                  RM700.00
Lucchini Sheep Placenta 2ml x 50's                               RM850.00
Lucchini Life Cell Therapy (Switzerland) 5ml x 30's        RM2,100.00
Leannec Placenta 2ml x 50's                                         RM1,900.00
Plagen Placenta 2ml x 50's                                           RM2,100.00
Biocell Human Ultracell (2nd Generation) 4's x 5ml        RM14,000.00
Bio Swiss Cellergen Stem Cell 1ml x 20's                      RM1,450.00
Melsmon (Japan) 2ml x 50's                                        RM2,200.00
Melsmon Platinium (Japan) 5ml x 30's                         RM5,600.00
Heel Sheep Placenta Suiss (Germany) 2.2ml 10's          RM310.00
Placentex (Italy) 3ml x 5's                                           RM320.00
Biocell Placenta Extract 2ml x 50's                               RM800.00
Gerovital 5ml x 5's                                                      RM190.00


  1. can you email Lucchini Life Cell Therapy 5ml x 30 image for me?
    my email is shernylim@gmail.com

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