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Monday, September 10, 2012

Skincare : AURA MAYA

An awesome skincare range that has been tested by us and the outcome is just marvellous. We love Aura Maya as it is made of purely organic ingredients, affordable and give satisfied effects. Although make-up is prohibited within the first 14 days of usage and sometimes slight itchiness happens, for us its not a major concern as long as it will improve the condition of our skin. What are the marvellous outcome that we've been mentioning about?
1. Moisturised skin - ACHIEVED
2. Oily skin - CONTROLLED
4. Blemishes - REDUCED
5. Skin tone - EVEN & BRIGHTENED

This product is suitable for all regardless your gender and age. There are alot of testimonials with picture as a proof of the effectiveness of this product but we shall not put it in our blog as those were owned by someone else. We will gather our own testimonials and post it later as this product is very new in our list.


Use only the soap for the first 2 days. No other skincare is to be used together for the first 14 days of the treatment. This means no toner, no moisturiser, no scrub, no sunblock AND STRICTLY NO makeups. We advise to start using on Saturday and stay home as you shall not be protected from the UV on this first 2 days. On the third day, you can start using the day cream and the night cream. There are SPF40 UV protection in day cream so no additional sunblock is needed within the first 14 days. Please use only a really small amout of both creams as too many will leads to pains and redness. Always stay under shades during these times - try to avoid direct sunlight and no swimming in the swimming pool as there are chemicals in the water that will burn out your skin. After the 14 days treatment period, you may use your make up as usual and back on track.


There are 2 types of soap available in this skincare set. The Yellow Soap (Vitamin E) and the Green Soap (Vitamin C). Which one for me?

The Yellow Soap (Vitamin E) - this soap is suitable for all types of skin. It has milder ingredients. This soap is for those who has no or only light pimples, acne scars and uneven skin tones.

The Green Soap (Vitamin C) - this soap is suitable for skin with severe acne, problematic skin, aged skin (age above 40's) and men's skin as it has stronger mixture. Although, all of it ingredients are organics so there's no worries if you chose to use this soap.

Aura Maya Skincare Complete Set                                     RM130.00
with Vit E or Vit C Soap
(Consist of 1 x facial soap 30g + 1 x day cream 15g + 1 x night cream 15g)

Loose Item
Facial Soap (Vit C or Vit E) - 30g                                              RM65.00
Day Cream - 15g                                                                          RM65.00
Night Cream - 15g                                                                        RM65.00

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  1. adakah set ini masih diproduct? atau telah diganti oleh set baru?