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Thursday, January 17, 2013

SLIMMING SUIT : Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit

SLIMMING SUIT - Boost Metabolism, Slimming & Instant Lift


 Bamboo charcoal is from bamboo's smoked, dried and charred in more than 700-800F of heat. Bamboo charcoal has been promoted for more than a decade in Japan. Its absorption ability is 5 times that of bincho charcoal and it contains 3 times more minerals that bincho charcoal does. Bamboo charcoal is popular in Japan and is nick-named "black diamond". Quality bamboo charchoal must be made from over 4-year-old bamboos charred for several 10 days. Bamboo charchoal is high in specific gravity and its specific surface area is 3 times larger than that of wood coal. It has strong absorption ability and can insulate heat and electromagnetic waves. It is able to increase anions favorable to health. It is widely adopted in industry, agriculture, electronics, medical industry, food processing, environmental protection, textiles and so on.

Beneficial to Health
Bamboo charcoal has 3 major features:
1.Strong absorption: It removes odor and purifies substances.
2.Powerful filtration: It kills bacteria, remove toxic
substances, impurities and moisture.
3.It contains over 300 mineral trace elements needed by human body, benefiting human health greatly.

Bamboo charcoal yarn
Bamboo charcoal yarn is made from nano-sized bamboo charcoal mixed with polyester and then spun with special techniques. Bamboo charcoal has a dense structure and contains numerous pores and
minerals. It is excellent in removing odor, moisture and bacteria.
In addition, the far infrared rays and anions it releases are favorable for maintaining warmth and boosting metabolism. The functions of bamboo charcoal yarn are as follows:
1.Removes Odor
Bamboo Charcoal yarn removes odor by absorbing and dissolving bad smells such as body odor and sweat. It eliminates 88-95% of odor and can also absorbs toxic chemicals such as sulfide, nitride,
methanol, benzene, phenol.
2.Pulls Sweat Away, Keeps Skin Dry and Comfortable Bamboo charcoal is excellent material for removing moisture. Clothes made of bamboo charcoal yarn help pull sweat away and keep your body dry, so you are not prone to a cold when blown by the wind.
3.Adjusts Humidity When the humidity in a space becomes high, bamboo charcoal absorbs water molecules; on the other hand, it releases water molecules when it is too dry. It adjusts humidity in
accordance with the external conditions.
4.Maintains warmth Experiments show after exposed to 500 watt halogen light for 10 minutes,  temperature of bamboo charcoal knitting is as high as 8.89F, which is 6.79F higher than that of
PET knitting.
5.Contains Abundant Trace Elements
Bamboo charcoal is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron,
potassium, manganese, phosphorus, etc. It's hexangular structure is dense and has numerous pores to decrease static electricity.

Caution and Notes
Hand wash with neutral detergent
Twist gentlely after washing and let it dry at cool place.
No bleaching
No machine washing or tumble drying
Hand wash only to avoid deform

(S-M for:waist 62-72cm Weight 45-60kg )
(L-XL for:waist 84-94cm Weight 65-80kg )
(2XL-3XL for:waist 94-104cm Weight 80-98kg)

S-M & L-XL
RM36.00 (incl. shipping to Peninsular Malaysia)
RM40.00 (incl. shipping to Sabah/Sarawak)

RM41.00 (incl. shipping to Peninsular Malaysia)
RM46.00 (incl. shipping to Sabah/Sarawak)

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