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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Newbies in our list is this very popular and yet very effective slimming lotion! Good for those who are afraid of needles and fright to consume slimming pills. Awesome option to sheds those fats for those who hates dieting and it doesn't makes u go to the toilet! This lotion is made of all natural ingredients, no chemicals that what makes it very safe even for pregnant mommies! Have a great smell, cool feeling instead of hot! You can even see the result a day after the first application. It is said can lose up to 5kg per month without dieting! Let's try it and prove it to ourselves! Please measure your weight and the area you wish to apply before and after usage!

Application :
Use it on areas needed to be trimmed down for example tummy, hips, thigh, upper arms and even on your chin to reduce double chin and on your cheeks if you have chubby cheeks.
Squeeze some amount on your palm and apply on the needed areas using circular motion until fully absorbed in the skin.
Use twice a day after shower morning and nightime before bed.
Can be used by both woman and man.
Good for woman after labour to slim down the tummy.

Note :
For face application, do not use too much, only a small amount, very thin layer!
For pregnant ladies, avoid applying on your stomach and the back of your waist!
Please keep at higher place, do not step over as this lotions has been recited with the Al-Quran.

Price :
RM76.00/tube (including postage to Peninsular Malaysia)
RM87.00/tube (including postage to Sabah/Sarawak)

Packing :
150ml (can last up to 1-2 months depending on application)

Dropship & Wholesale are welcomed! Kindly email us for details!

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