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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Price List : Whitening & Anti Oxidant (Updated)



DESCRIPTION                                                             PRICE
New Update!
Tationil 900mg (Teopharma)  4ml x 10's                       RM250.00
JM Prowhite  10 vials, 18 amps                                    RM320.00
Skinnic Aquaskin EGF 6 vials, 6 amps                          RM300.00

Biome G-Alpha 4ml x 10's                                             RM280.00
Glutax 3g 5 x 5ml/5amp                                               RM220.00
Glutax 5g 5 x 5ml/5amp                                                RM230.00

TAD ( Italy ) 4ml x 10's                                                 RM280.00
TAD ( Italy ) 4ml x 5's                                                   RM180.00
Tationil 600mg (Bayer) 4ml x 10's                                 RM185.00
Tationil 600mg ( Teopharma ) 4ml x 10's                       RM200.00
Biotad 5/5 x 10's                                                          RM280.00
NC 24 Alpha Lipoic Acid 5ml x 10's                                RM390.00
NC 24 Pure Crystalize Skin Whitening 5 x 5ml/5amp     RM190.00
Vitacicol Int Whitening P 9000 5 x 5ml/5vial                  RM290.00
Vitacicol (USA) P 3000 5/5 x 5's                                   RM250.00
Kojic Acid 6 x 5ml/5vial                                              RM330.00
Biocell CRP 3/3/3's                                                      RM280.00
Bio Swiss Multi Cell Enhancer 5 x 5ml/5vial                  RM420.00
Hythiol-C Premier 3000 6 x 5ml/5vial                           RM610.00
Oxydermal 2ml x 10's                                                     RM410.00
Heel Selenium 1.1ml x 10's                                           RM200.00
Kuhra vitae complette 5mlx10s                                     RM220.00
Kuhra vitae essentialle Intensity 6 x 5ml/5vial                RM320.00
Mixing White Energize 6 x 5ml/5vial                             RM320.00

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