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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Price List : Vitamin C (Updated)



DESCRIPTION                                                   PRICE

Mita C ( Japan ) 500mg 2ml x 50's                    RM460.00
Laroscobine Platinium ( White ) 5ml x 10's         RM140.00
NC Vitamin C + Collagen 5ml x 10's                    RM140.00
NC24 Vitamin C (1500mg) (new) 5ml x 10's        RM160.00
Biocell Collagen Forte (Swiss) 5ml x 10's            RM160.00
Laroscobine ( Bayer ) 5ml x 10's                        RM105.00
Acido ( Bayer ) 5ml x 10's                                  RM110.00
Lumistor 2ml x 20's                                            RM210.00
Derma C 5m x 10's                                            RM160.00
Schimtch Vitamin C + Kollagen 5ml x 5's            RM190.00
Aesthecell Purascorbol 5ml x 6's                        RM240.00
Bio Swiss Hya Cc 2ml x 20's                              RM290.00

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